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The Fritzls and The Money

Rosemarie Fritzl Josef Fritzl and wife RosemarieJosef Fritzl

The trial of Josef Fritzl will begin March 16, 2009. He is charged with multiple crimes - including: abuse, incest, rape, false imprisonment, slavery and murder - in relation to his 24-year imprisonment and rape of his own daughter, Elisabeth, who bore him 7 children. Catch the story from the beginning in this 5-part video called The Josef Fritzl Story and read about developments in the case since being arrested and imprisoned on The Josef Fritzl Page.

It seems like Josef Fritzl is broke. The Österreichische Verband Creditreform, which is the Austrian agency that monitors details of people filing for bankruptcy and informs creditors so they can stake a claim, made the announcement that Fritzl was insolvent. In other words he is bankrupt.

The Österreichische Verband Creditreform, acting on behalf of creditors, filed the application to make Fritzl insolvent and made the following announcement:

Those who believe they have a claim on the Fritzl assets are invited to contact the court at Sankt Pölten by 24 March - three days after Fritzl's trial is scheduled to end.

Josef Fritzl, who once had a very prosperous property rental business, has been in jail since his arrest. During this time his businesses have collapsed and he is said to have debts of almost $6 million. It is reported that he plans to sell his house. The very house where he built a dungeon to imprison his daughter. He may be able to get as much as $2 million for it. There has been considerable speculation that the house could be turned into a museum and opened to the public. With interest in what happened at the house still very high, an investor might be able to make money by charging for tours of the place. Under Austrian law Fritzl is free to sell the home  for an inflated price. According to the mayor of Amstetten, Herbert Katzengruber, the house will be put on sale after the trial.

In the meantime, Josef Fritzl's wife Rosemarie, has successfully sued two Austrian publications over breaching her privacy. The court found that the weekly magazine News and the monthly magazine Woman, were guilty of breaching her privacy with stories "that only satisfied readers' craving for sensation."

Judge Bettina Koerber ordered the magazines' parent company, News Publishing Group, to pay Rosemarie Fritzl about $14,000 in damages over the articles, which appeared in both publications. News Publishing Group has already said it will appeal the decision. Rosemarie had originally sued the magazines for $332,000. However Rosemarie is not quite finished suing. She has filed several other lawsuits, including against German weekly Der Spiegel and Austria's biggest daily Kronen Zeitung.

Austrian and International media have tried to answer the question how the woman could not have noticed that her husband Josef had kept their daughter in a dungeon under their house in Amstetten for 24 years.

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Reader Comments (1)

His money was manipulated in order to buy guns and kill
Fritzl father-really. That's why he is broke.

March 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFriendsis

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