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He Pingping - The World's Smallest Man

It's Official! the Guinness World Records has named He Pingping the world's shortest, non-disabled, man. Born July 1988, the 20-year-old is 2ft 5in tall and weighs just 16lbs. He Pingping was born in the city of Wulanchabu (also called Ulanqab) in northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, he has two married sisters who are of normal height. He Pingping is a keen poker player and smokes two packets of cigarettes a day.

According to his father, He Yun, at birth He Pingping was as small as his father's palm and had to be fed through a tiny straw because his mouth was so small. He has Primordial Dwarfism a rare form of dwarfism in which individuals are extremely small for their age, even as a fetus. It is rare for individuals affected by primordial dwarfism to live past the age of 30.

Meet He Pingping - The World's Smallest Man

He Pingping has some fun with a British guard:

He Pingping met up with Svetlana Pankratova, 36, who has the distinction of being the woman with the longest legs (4ft 3.9in long) in the world. The pair met to publicize the release of "Guinness World Records 2009" at Trafalgar Square's steps in central London. It was striking to compare the two of them side by side. He called Svetlana Pankratova's legs "very beautiful."



The world's smallest man has always been popular at home in Inner Mongolia and even has his own manager. It is rumored he is now so protective of his image, he refuses to have his photo taken unless he is paid a substantial fee. See some pics of He Pingping here.

Pingping's life changed after his brother-in-law Liu spoke to a local journalist about him, and they contacted Guinness. Despite his growing reputation, Pingping's ambitions are fairly modest.


"I just want to have a normal life, get married and have children," he said.


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Reader Comments (1)

how the hells he gonna have kids lmao!!

September 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSunate

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