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Sex on the Net III


If you are reading this, then I assume you have an interest in sex. But how much do we really know about this subject? Well to start off here is a little test. Click on the link below but please come back here for some interesting stories. Good luck!!

The Sex Quiz: Myths, Taboos and Bizarre Facts


Hope you learned something from the quiz. Here are some stories that will entertain you.


  • Joey Passmore is distraught....he was dumped by his cyber-girlfriend

    • Thejoey.jpg 14-year-old Internet enthusiast recently lost his cyber-girlfriend and computer soulmate, LUV_U2, and he's not sure how to deal with the confusing new emotions that have begun to stir inside him. "I don't understand," moped Joey. "I gave her my love, my devotion, and the IP's of some private FTP sites. I thought we had something special," continued Joey. "I would send her e-cards, and links to special poems that were written for people like us. I even photoshopped our avatars together on a Martian landscape--way romantic. But then that one evening, she came into the IRC channel and was really quiet. I knew something was wrong.


      "Joey has been unable to talk about his break-up with family members and even considered selling his computer, and joining the school volleyball team, just to get away from the pain. At fourteen, break-ups are awkward to deal with. This was Joey's first romance and he believes his few friends at school would only laugh at him if he mentioned it to any of them. "Those guys at school would only want to know how far I got, like did she send pictures of her tits, or something like that," said an angry Joey. "They wouldn't understand it was so much more than that." "I posted a message on a message board for heartbroken individuals who were recently dumped," said Joey, sobbing quietly, "but the only response was from some joker who asked how I knew it wasn't a man I was dating. How cruel can you get?".

      Joey isn't sure he can trust cyberwomen anymore, and is afraid to reveal his true self online to another. He may find escape by interacting only with girls he knows from school, church, and his neighbourhood. But that would mean meeting them and Joey isn't ready for social encounters yet.


  • South Africans and Nigerians .........Most Sexually Satisfied

    • Nigeriansdurex-sex.jpg and South Africans are the most sexually satisfied people in the world, according to a survey by condom manufacturer Durex released Tuesday. “Two-thirds of South Africans claim to orgasm regularly, compared to 48 per cent of people globally,” SAPA news agency quoted Durex as saying in a statement coinciding with the release of its annual Global Sex Survey.


      Nigerians were found to be the most sexually satisfied nation, with 67 per cent expressing satisfaction, ahead of Mexico, India and Poland. The Japanese were the least satisfied, with only 15 per cent declaring themselves fulfilled.The survey was conducted among more than 26,000 respondents in 26 countries.

      On average the respondents had sex 103 times a year. Greeks had the most sex at 164 times a year, with the luckless Japanese again bottoming out the table with just 48 times.Nigerians took the longest time over sex, at 24 minutes per session, while Indians had the quickest sex, at 13 minutes, the survey showed.

  • Lesbian Book .............Caused 'Sleepless Nights'
      A Bentonville, Ark., man is seeking $20,000 from the city

      after his two teenage sons found a book on lesbian sex on a public library bookshelf. He also wants the library director fired. Earl Adams said his 14- and 16-year-old sons were "greatly disturbed" after finding the book, titled "The Whole Lesbian Sex Book." Adams said the book caused "many sleepless nights in our house."


      Adams said the book is "patently offensive and lacks any artistic, literary or scientific value," according to a letter he faxed to Mayor Bob McCaslin. He said the teenagers found it while browsing for material on military academies.Adams wants the city to pay $10,000 to each of his sons. That's the maximum allowed under the Arkansas obscenity law. However, the city's attorney dismissed Adams' claim as baseless. She said the book is not pornographic. "There is not a valid legal concern here," Camille Thompson said. "In fact, (the request for money) made me question his motivation.

      "The book, by Felice Newman, is a sex guide deemed suitable for all public libraries, according to the Library Journal, which the Bentonville library uses to decide what to place on its shelves. Suter said the library aims to have books and other materials to serve a diverse group of library users.


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i want vido sex and sex pechar

July 31, 2007 | Unregistered Commentersara

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